IPM 2016 Quilt Committee

Dear Quilters;

The IPM 2016 Quilt Committee was thrilled to have 80 amazing raffle quilt challenge blocks submitted for judging on Friday, December 4 at the OPP office in Teviotdale.  The committee thanks everyone who participated, and looks forward to assembling these into spectacular quilts for the annual raffle.

Judges Elizabeth King and Bonnie Murdoch determined the top three blocks based on criteria such as workmanship, creativity and incorporation of the theme.  Both judges live in Waterloo and are members of the Waterloo County Quilters’ Guild.  King has judged nationally for the Canadian Quilters’ Association and Murdoch organized the Waterloo guild show in September.   Both are long time quilters.

First place was awarded to the entry from Mary Katherine Hopkins of Guelph.  Mary Katherine’s block was a meticulously researched depiction of Wellington County.  It was created from hand-dyed fabric and used both quilting and embroidery to show all the towns, rivers, lakes and forests of the county.

Second place was a brightly coloured and whimsical winter scene by Nancy Winn of Waterloo.  It integrated more than thirty shades of green in the collection of tiny houses and embroidered trees.

Third place was a stunning jewelled sunflower by Robin Bogaert of Waterloo.   The block was skillfully thread painted and beaded.  The judges admired the intensity of the treadwork on both the front and back.

The judges gave honourable mention to the blocks submitted by Anne Peters of Guelph and Judy Pearce of Kitchener.  Both submitted well-designed pastoral scenes using contemporary quilting approaches.

As a special feature this year, IPM 2016 Chair Ron Faulkner, Minto Mayor and Wellington County Warden George Bridge, and host farmers Anne and Earl Schneider were also invited to select their personal favourites.   After careful consideration, IPM chair Ron Faulkner selected a traditional patchwork featuring an appliqued walking plow.  “This brings back memories of plowing.  It represents so many things; a tremendous cross-section of all the elements of agriculture” said Faulkner.  The block was made by Mary Townsend of Arthur.  Mayor George Bridge chose the rooster made by Brigitte Dimock of Puslinch.  He admired the intricate detail, the use of colour and the workmanship in the block.  Host farmers Anne and Earl Schneider selected a block with a farmer looking out at a peaceful autumn farm scene made by Pat Hooker of Mount Forest.

Submitted blocks will be incorporated into quilts which become prizes for the annual raffle fundraiser.  The determination of where the blocks go will be based on artistic decisions by committee chair Renske Helmuth.  These quilts, showcasing local talent, will be unique and spectacular treasures.   This year’s challenge had a fresh new approach.  The theme was “Thirty Shades of Green”, and entries were small, fully quilted, blocks, each with a noticeable amount of green.   Northcott Silk Inc. generously provided the prizes for the competition in the form of fabric bundles valued at $125, $100 and $75 for the top three blocks as determined by the judges.  “We’ve had a wonderful response to our fun challenge theme”, says Helmuth.  “This approach gave quilters lots of opportunity to express their creativity and talent.  Two large quilts for the raffle prizes will be made from groups of thirty entries.”   Raffle ticket sales will begin in January.

The raffle quilts will be displayed at “The Fresh Taste of Quilting” Quilt Show and Competition at the Harriston Curling Club on August 19 – 20, 2016.    The show will feature the entries in 11 different categories including “A Fresh Taste of Quilting” themed wall quilt and group quilt, miniatures, baby quilts and a youth category for quilters under 16.   These quilts will be judged in August in accordance with Canadian Quilters’ Association standards.   There is $4200 available in prize money donated by generous supporters.   The show will also feature a merchant mall, tea room, and viewers’ choice.  Click on the links below for the competition brochure entry form:

Quilt Rules and Entry Information_2016

2016 IPM Quilt Competition Entry Form_2016

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