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Quilting Corners Guild Executive – 2024 – 2025

President:  Tammy Storms

Vice President:  Cheryl Dobo

Past President:  Cathy Doll

Treasurer:  Janice Sopko-Ellingson

Secretary: Siona Wilkie

Membership:  Jill Leslie

Community Outreach:  Senora Baldry

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27 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello,

    I am a beginner quilter and thought joining a guild might assist my learning and development. Your website doesn’t seem to tell me (or I just couldn’t find it) if you are accepting new members; fees and whether it is possible to attend a meeting without joining to see if it is a good fit for me.

    Any information would be appreciated. My email is

    Thank you
    Pam Krause

  2. Hi Pam
    Thank you for reaching out. The guild is still accepting members. The annual membership fee is $35 for 11 meetings. Guests are more than welcome at anytime for a token fee of $5.00. Joining a guild is an excellent opportunity to acquire new skills and quilting buddies to help you on your journey. A contact email is We look forward to seeing you.

  3. Hi,
    Merry Holidays.
    I’ve forgotten our password 🙁
    Could/would you please email it to me?
    Thanks, Sharon

  4. Hi Sharon
    Merry Holidays to you as well! I will forward your request to guild executive member so they can send you the password in separate email. Thanks.

  5. Matthews House is so grateful for the support of the guild! 10 beautifully done quilts for our new home at 131 Wellington Street will be used every day and much loved!!

    Highest regards,

    Kim Woodland CEO, Fran Barbati Hospice Care Manager, Amber Woodland, Volunteer

  6. I just want to say: I joined your meeting last night, I felt welcomed right from the front door. I was a little overwhelmed at first as there was so much to see. What an Lovely group.

    I was invited to come and sit by Judy, and she introduced me to a few people. I felt welcomed and everyone who spoke to me, and there were lots. I don’t remember the names, but it was a great evening and I will be returning.

    Thank you again

    Elizabeth R.

  7. I will be moving to Alliston July 2018. Is thare a date you are accepting memberships , or is there membership number restrictions?

  8. Good afternoon,

    Yes, we restrict our membership and are currently full but you can still come to our meetings for a guest fee of $5. When you come to the meeting please speak to Judy at the membership desk. Our meetings are the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at Shilton Hall, St John’s United Church on Victoria St, Alliston across from Shoppers Drugmart. Looking forward to meeting you.

  9. HI,
    Last time I sold lots of tickets because I was able to print off and show a large picture of the raffle quilt to potential ticket buyers. Please put a similar picture on the website like last time and I promise to sell lots of tickets!
    Thank you,

  10. Hi,
    I forgot that our printer only has black and white. Is it possible for someone to print me off a colour picture and I will carry on with ticket sales? I can pick it up at the next Guild meeting.
    Thank you,

  11. Hi, I heard alot of great things about joining a guild. I am new at quilting and don’t know anyone around here who also has this hobbie. Is there a waiting list that I should sign my name to or do I just come to a meeting. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks Lee.

  12. Hi Lee
    Thank you for reaching out and your interest in our guild. You have two options. You can contact Membership through Judy Wilson at Or, you are welcome to come to a meeting as a guest on the first Tuesday of any month. They are held at Shilton Hall in the United Church of Alliston (Main Street) starting at 7:00 pm. Currently our membership is full but there is a pending list. The guild would be happy for you to join us and get to know other quilters in the area.

  13. Hello, I just saw your event posting in the Focus 50+ newspaper magazine. I was hoping there my be an opening for a new member available. I have sewn since my youth and my family has always quilted, but my busy life has kept me from the enjoyment of creative sewing. That is now changing and recently I have started learning to quilt and have take a couple of classes to learn this craft, one most recently ” learn to quilt” with Senora. I would love to join a quilt guild to continue learning and practicing quilting. Would I be able to attend your meeting on Oct 1st?
    Thank You, Donna

  14. Hello. I just bought this quilt at Barrie mission store. 15.00. They let me have it for 7.50when I told them I was donating it to the chemotherapy unit at RVH Barrie. The auxiliary presents each patient with hand made afghans or quilts This one is brand new. I thought if you want to donate you can send them right to the source Sincerely Brenda j Wood

  15. Thank you for your comment, however, I am not sure it has been directed to the correct guild as our Outreach centers around the Alliston area. Thanks for your generosity tho!

  16. Thank you for clarifying. It makes sense now. The guild labels all of their quilts that they donate to community outreach in the Alliston area. Interesting that one has made it to the mission.

  17. Thank you for clarifying. This makes sense now. The guild donates to community outreach in Alliston. Interesting how one made its way to the mission.

  18. Hi! I am a quilt artist from Fredericton, NB, and I have been looking to see if there is any interest in having a trunk show of my work during your program time. Some of the quilt guilds have moved to Zoom meetings, so I thought I would reach out to see if there’s any interest in your guild?

    You can google my business name Darcy Doodle Quilts to find me on Etsy, and see samples of my work on instagram and facebook.

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you! My email is
    Kindest regards,
    Darcy Hunter

  19. Hi Darcy
    Thank you for reaching out. I have forwarded your request to the guild’s president and VP/program organizer.
    Stay well!

  20. Hi I have returned to Nobleton after many years. I have missed being in a guild and would like to know if you have room for one more. I have been quilting for many years. I now enjoy machine embroidery and have embroidered a lovely quilt for a child. I miss the companionship provided by a guild. I look forward to your early reply.

  21. Thank you for reaching out! I will ask a board member to connect with you about your inquiry.

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