General Updates to Our Website

Good morning everyone!  Please have a look for three new files added to the Program Page.  They are follow up to Demonstrations shown in our virtual meetings.

We hope you continue to enjoy our virtual meetings.  If you have ideas for items to be shared or demonstrations to be done please let executive know.

Stay safe everyone!


Community Outreach Presentations 2020

Hello Everyone,

I would like the thank Sheila, Kim and Elizabeth for joining Cheryl, Jill and I for this morning’s Christmas presentations on behalf of our guild members. Once again we had many quilts, stockings and decor items to present. It is heartwarming to see the work our guild members create for our community partners. We appreciate their skills and the time given to make so many pieces to share. Today’s donations included 118 quilts and quilted items, 117 stockings and some toiletries, masks and Christmas decorations.

Even during these uncertain times our guild has pulled together to support one another and beyond. For many the quilting has been comforting and therapeutic, and we hope will bring some of the same to the recipients.

Thank you to Cheryl for the use of her driveway as our presentation site, and the foresight to have a tent cover ready to go.

Best wishes to all for a safe and happy holiday season.

Always in stitches, Senora😊🎄