Sit n Sew – 23 March 2024

We had a great turnout today for our first Sit n Sew of 2024!  22 gals came out to work on Community Outreach projects, personal projects and just have some quality chat time with friends. 21 quilt piecing kits were distributed and all but 1 were picked up and worked on. As the pictures show there were lots of stitches put in place, as 17 quilt tops were completed and the remainder went home for finishing touches. Lots of happy faces and busy hands. Thanks to everyone for a good day. Hope to see you at our next Sit n Sew on June 15th.
Always in Stitches,


Quilting Corners Guild holds a raffle every other year in tandem with our quilt show, Stitching Among Friends. Last evening was the conclusion of the raffle with the draw for two winners…congratulations to Peggy F winning the blue quilt, Tropical Breezes, and Tracy A winning Strawberry Fields. Both quilts were created and generously donated by guild member Arlene G.  Along with the quilt prizes the raffle generates funds to be shared with the guild and two of our community partners.  Cheryl presented a monetary donation to Pam and Amber, My Sister’s Place and Matthew’s House Hospice, respectively. Lovely quilts, lucky winners and worthy programs…all winners!
Always in Stitches, Senora🪡

Viewer’s Choice

Congratulations to our Festive Past President’s Challenge winners Sandra, Jade and Helen.  They, along with many other members, took on the mystery challenge organized by Cheryl. Beautiful results that will last for years to come. Well done!🎄 S 🚗

Community Presentations – Dec 2023

On Tuesday evening Quilting Corners Guild held their annual Christmas donations. There were 115 quilts, 116 quilted stockings, 14 pillow cases and several handmade toys presented to our six community partners: Matthew’s House Hospice, My Sister’s Place, The Good Samaritan, The Alliston Foodbank, Simcoe Manor and Quilts of Valour-Canada. This is the culmination of all the time, effort and creativity of our members and friends of the guild in support of all of these very important programs. Thank you to everyone for their contributions and providing warm hugs throughout our community.

Always in Stitches, Senora🪡