Quilts of Valour Donations

Today was our presentation of 14 Quilts of Comfort to Quilts of Valour – Canada. Accepting the quilts on behalf of QoV are Mary and Fran, presented by Senora.  Thank you to Cheryl for making the arrangements and providing her front yard for the presentation. Our next goal is to whip up kits for our December donations. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in creating these lovely quilts.😊

AGM – 2020

We had our AGM last evening, holding elections for our 2020/2021 year.  Cathy D carried on our tradition of passing the fancy rotary cutter on to the new President, Dianne W.  We would like to thank Cathy for taking the lead as President and her ongoing contributions to executive in the role of Past President.
The second executive position to change for the upcoming year is Membership Coordinator. It is with sadness we say goodbye to Judy W who has admirably carried out this role for a number of years now. We will miss her attention to detail, connection to members and her sense of humour.  We welcome Jill L to executive as our new Membership Coordinator and look forward to working along side her.
The third position that has a new executive member is Vice President, since Dianne is now the big P. Altho this member requires no introduction to executive, as she has much experience in this capacity. We welcome Cheryl D as Vice President and look forward to her continued leadership and innovative ideas.
The remainder of executive is status quo: Janice S-E, Treasurer, Siona W, Secretary, Senora Baldry, Community Outreach. We look forward to another busy, fun-filled year working together on behalf of Quilting Corners
Guild members.
Always in Stitches, Senora😊

February Sit ‘n Sew

Another successful day of sewing. We were already ahead before we began when several gals arrived with quilt tops and some quilted pieces already done. That coupled with the productivity of 13 members, 3 guests and a visitor we completed several seasonal tops and Quilts of Valour -Canada tops. A few things went home for finishing bits and pieces and I took home a load to organize for next steps…lots of binding coming your way on Tuesday evening. Thanks to everyone who spent the day sewing, chatting and nibbling. Below are three QoV quilts – Reflections using a panel, a log cabin using a straight setting and the new bento box on point. The second pic is the long row of chairs displaying the accomplishments of our participants.
Always in stitches, Senora 😊